• Lawrence G

    Lawrence G

    Loves a good conversation

  • Dick Hildreth

    Dick Hildreth

    I'm a techie who spends far too much time following politics and thinking about how our world could become a better place for all of us to live in.

  • Tjake


    World, traveler from age 0. Graduate formal and practical, informal education. At age 7#+ finally making some sense and don't forget the Russians or epsilon!

  • Tamal Gope

    Tamal Gope

  • benram


    Techno-interpreter, drive communication across techno-gaps. Help bring people & products together. Love a challenge. Love being a dad & husband.

  • James Helton

    James Helton

  • Sheilagh Menck

    Sheilagh Menck

  • May Hemm

    May Hemm

    Hotwife, cheating and cuckold confessions. I turn them into erotica for all to enjoy.

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