November 2, 2022

The 2006 film Idiocracy’s premise was dimbulbs procreating like rabbits, producing a dumb population. Imagine the kind of people they elect. Our average IQ is not in fact falling; yet Republican Herschel Walker could actually win Georgia’s senate race.

A stupid, crass, ignorant, amoral liar, without a decent bone in his ex-footballer’s body. With a history mental illness (Walker claims he’s cured). The revelations that this professedly staunch “pro-lifer” paid for a girlfriend’s abortion — and then another girl’s (both of which he lies about) are just the latest travesties.

Walker — appropriately enough — calls Trump his mentor. But at least Trump retains his children’s loyalty. Even Walker’s son denounces him.

He’s running against Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock, a clergyman with a virtue to match every Walker vice. Both being Black, racism might seemingly be no factor. Except that Walker is the candidate of the white nationalist party. Reason enough, it seems, for many white Georgians to continue supporting him no matter what.

It’s this no-matter-what vote that’s really turning America into idiocracy. But it may be even worse than that. Whereas bad character and behavior used to be a political handicap, today it actually seems an asset. With (Republican) voters not only willing to support reprobates, but positively attracted to them. It’s a very primitivist macho psychology. What ever happened to “the moral majority”??

In fact, having candidates of bad character is baked in to today’s Republican party. That comes with the territory of slavishly supporting a man with himself the rottenest character.

To spout his big “stolen election” lie you have to be either a fool or a liar yourself. And those are the only kinds of people who win Republican nominations. Honest people of good character, like Liz Cheney, have been methodically purged from the party.

Alabama voters did — just barely — refuse to send creep Roy Moore to the Senate. But that was way back in the innocent days of 2017. The times they are a’changing.

Quote of the day, just heard on the radio: “God does not need an election to make Trump president.”



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