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The life of a DACA recipient during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Essentials

How we built a relational network of 160k voters in less than a month

A collage of images and screenshots from the Ossoff relational program. Blue upper half, with the word “Outreach” and a countdown to polls closing. On the lower half, there is a screenshot of a social media guide with a heading “Be a Voter Mobilization Influencer”, a screenshot of a bit of a conversation flow chart, a Google Data Studio dashboard in many colors, a picture of a call list, and an image of a masked Jon Ossoff raising his hand.

Being Considerate Will Not Be the Thing That Kills Us

Bleeding Kansas: What Congress Should Learn from My Home State’s Tax Experiment

The Capitol Siege Has Deep Roots in American History — Part I

Trump and China

Kavanaugh no Nagaremono

Delay, Deceive, And Defy

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Frank S. Robinson

Frank S. Robinson

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At one time, in Europe, only gentlemen were allowed to wear swords……such distinctions are…