November 16, 2022

What a shocker. And with a meandering stream-of-consciousness speech predictably full of lies and howlers.

After January 6, it almost looked like Republicans might break from Trump. Didn’t happen; if anything, their deranged devotion doubled down. Now once more, after a weak 2022 GOP election showing — widely blamed on Trump’s malign effect — there’s a lot of noise they’ll turn away from him. Well, we’ve seen this movie before.

He’s called DeSantis “Ron DeSanctimonious.” Oh, please. Isn’t that sick shtick getting old? And it doesn’t have quite the ring of “Crooked Hillary,” “Lying Ted, “Little Marco,” “Sleepy Joe,” and all Trump’s other juvenile taunts.

A DeSantis candidacy’s logic, of course, is that he gives Trumpers all they want, minus Trump’s toxicity. But as I keep saying, logic is no part of MAGAtry. Religious cults don’t work that way.

Sane Republican party operatives have long dearly wished to be rid of this curse, knowing its evil. He’s now lost them three elections in a row. They wish he would just die. (Why no stroke or heart attack for this perpetually enraged 76-year-old unhealthy fatty?) But most GOP politicians are so scared of him they publicly kowtow. They’re pathetic, disgusting weasels.

They fear losing Republican primaries if Trump denounces them. His base of voters, the salt-of-the-earth folks who cheer at his rallies, probably still resist the possibility they’ve been worshipping a false god. Elise Stefanik (angling for Veep) rushed to endorse him, even before his announcement. The “stolen election” lie had such power because Trumpers, in their bedazzled bubble, could not even fathom how anyone could vote against him.

Yet of course those poor fools are a minority, turning off ever more people with wits intact. Republican voters renominating Trump might seem political insanity, but don’t bet against it. Especially if there’s a divided field against him, with not only DeSantis but Pence, Cheney, and others; and winner-take-all primaries.

As for Democrats, President Biden should retire gracefully. He’s done great service to the country, mainly saving us from Trump; another term won’t likely burnish his record. A noble renunciation, making way for a new generation of Democrats, will. A political reset good for America.

In contrast Trump running again will be a hellscape. The more his ego is threatened, the more desperate he becomes, facing likely humiliation, the uglier will his behavior be. His campaign will disgrace America.

He’s already damaged this country far more than anyone, ever. And like in a horror movie, repeatedly defied death. But such movies always end with vanquishment. Let us in November 2024, at long last, once and for all, drive a stake through the heart of this evil monster.



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